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Selena Gomez Desperately Needs A New Ride

Her purse is probably worth more than her car. Selena Gomez was spotted getting into her silver Ford Escape over the weekend. Don’t you think she’d want to buy something a little more exciting? What would you want to see Selena driving?

Selena Gomez Ford Escape


22 Responses to Selena Gomez Desperately Needs A New Ride

  1. Matt says:

    I actually think it’s good she doesn’t like flashy cars.

  2. Matt says:

    She should get a Volvo XC60

  3. Davis says:

    I think she should be in a E class coupe.

  4. gs says:

    Dude, who cares what she drives? Big ups to her for not being so ostentatious. She’s actually saving money and not going to go broke like many of these other celebrities who buy multiple cars, so who are you to tell people how to spend their money?

  5. Davis says:

    She is worth over 4 mil. I think she can afford a 50,000 $ car or maybe a BMW 3 coupe or hard top convertible.

  6. kdotk says:

    Now I know he is a lot more popular, but look at her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) Justin Bieber. The kid drives around in a chrome Fisker, bat mobile CTS, or personalized white Ferrari. You can spot him coming from a mile. Ford Escape is one of the most popular/common cars on the road, she blends right in. Smart if she isn’t an attention whore.

  7. Laura says:

    It’s one thing not to be flashy (ex: Justin Bieber’s Chrome Fisker) but she should definitely be driving something nicer than this. I think she’d look great with a Mercedes GLK or something like that. It’s a nice car for her but still low key and common.

  8. Ryan says:

    I think she should get a Tesla Model S, isn’t her Escape a hybrid?

  9. hollywoodhoney says:

    Hmmmm yeah it is kind of a waste of money but then again she only has about 4 or 5 million dollars and in Hollywood she is considered one of the poor fucks. If you compair her to someone super rich like that stupid hick Britney Spears 150 something million she has then yeah Selena is poor compaired to her. But then again Britney is a lot older, if i didnt know better I would say that Britney looks like a 50 year old hag from a trailer park or something at least Selena looks young I guess cause she is young but anyway about her car I dont know maybe she just has horrific taste in cars well hopefully she will grow out of it when she gets older and she will get a nice car. As to why she picked this car hmmmm I couldnt even begin to guess

  10. Brendan says:

    Based on the fact that she already drives an inconspicuous car, that is okay on fuel I would reccomend a car like a Mercedes-benz slk 350 or Cls550. A good choice for her in my opinion would be an audi TT or the BMW 435i when it is released. I think she would also enjoy something like a boxster or vantage.

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  12. TheGreatKing says:

    2013 RX450h or Highlander Hybrid is a good choice for her.

  13. Biebs says:

    Black Escalade ESV

  14. Jimmy says:

    Her handbag costs more than her car…. BMW X3 for her

  15. Brandon says:

    Living in LA it’s the worst driving a flashy car sometimes the stares aren’t the nicest in a way me and my friends are low key and the places I go are mellow. I drive a 2007 328i I think it’s a little flashy, but when my car was in the shop I had to drive my moms S550 AMG mercedes with blacked out windows I felt like I was saying hey I spent too much money and I’m obknoxious

  16. lollol says:

    This is stupid, the creator of this blog is obviously mentally ill. Not every one has the same values and need expensive cars to drive. Theres no reason to buy a track car if you’re not doing tracks. The Hollywood life… Sigh

  17. DAN says:

    (Good guess.) FYI She brought a black BMW X5.

  18. Steven says:

    Maybe the ford escape is for her to “escape” from all of the staring public eyes. Like any normal person,she needs her space too. Yeah the bag cost more then the car itself,but maybe that’s all the attention the she wants to draw to in daily living. She’s free to pick and choose any vehicle that fits her comfort zone for daily use.

  19. nate says:

    So why does it matter what car she drives. At least she is still loaded she can a new car as she please. Her choice of car is great to me.

  20. nate says:

    Maybe her escape has some modifications we can’t see.

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