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So This Is How Queen Latifah Actually Rolls

From a Vespa to a Rolls Royce — Queen Latifah is rolling tough now. The only ride we’d seen Queen Latifa with before this was her little yellow Vespa scooter but just recently she was spotted running around Beverly Hills with a Rolls Royce drophead coupe. Talk about going from one extreme to another!

Queen Latifah Rolls Royce

Source: BossipĀ 

Shout out to Jones and Daniel for the tips!

3 Responses to So This Is How Queen Latifah Actually Rolls

  1. spotr says:

    Guys, you gotta do a bit more research…..Queen Latifah has been a petrol-head for a long time, and her rides have included Lamborghini and Aston Martin….among others.

  2. She looks great, and though the car is awesome, I think the silver is just a little too plain.

  3. kendra says:

    See here how much money she has to pay for the Rolls Royce insurance: 100AutoInsuranceQuotes.com

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