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Orlando Bloom: Audi Poster Child

If only we could all have a garage full of Audi’s like Orlando Bloom. Orlando spent the weekend running errands in his new Audi A7 and was also spotted taking his son on a hike in his Audi Q7.

Orlando Bloom Audi

Orlando Bloom Audi A7

Orlando Bloom Audi Q7

14 Responses to Orlando Bloom: Audi Poster Child

  1. Mitchell says:

    If only I had the money to afford a garage full of Audis. Wouldn’t that be the life!

  2. uhh says:

    Most likely Audi gave him free leases. Audi usually offer celebrities lease deals for promotion. Thats why most celebs drive them.

    Plus Orlando hasn’t been in anything worthy lately.

  3. bank$ says:

    Ahh celebrities drive them becaUse they are nice cars not because of free leases. They have way better interior’s than BMW and Mercedes, and audi’s arent as flashy as other luxury cars so they attract LESS ATTENTION.

  4. Truth says:

    He didn’t buy a single one of these cars.

    Notice the glut of celebrities driving Audis recently? They’re all driving them for free. Audi so desperately wants celebrities to be seen driving their cars to build up an image of being very upscale so they give them these leased cars free of charge. They want to compete with Mercedes-Benz when it comes to the jet-set, and Mercedes has traditionally been the car for Hollywood. And no Mercedes has never done this. You’ll even notice some celebrities driving Audis with Michigan (manufacturer) plates. And celebrities who live other places all magically driving different model Audis every time they come to LA.

    Anne Hathaway drives an R8 for free.

    • Bank$ says:

      hahaha do you have any proof of this????????????? YEAH THATS WHAT I THOUGHT, and for your information all car companies sponsor events, mercedes sponsors film festivals, and fashion week, giving out free cars to a-listers, so your whole theory is bull-shit jackass.

  5. Trev says:

    Both you m)rons are wrong…….. Heck all car dealerships do it, because they are INDIVIDUALLY OWNED. Jude Law said in an interview he gets a free lease on his Benz SL, and Jason Statham gets free audi leases being an ambassador. Hell that entourage episode was based off of a true story, it said so in the DVD extras when wahlberg said someone else in the business got a free lease from maserati. It happens ALL THE TIME, and every luxury brand is guilty of it, from lexus to mercedes.

  6. Truth says:

    trev, you’re an idiot. what would a dealership get from giving a free car to a celebrity, moron? AUDI USA GIVES THEM FREE LEASES. PERIOD.

  7. Factoid says:

    Paul Rudd said in GQ the more famous you get the more free stuff you get and he said, he could choose any of the luxury brands and they would cover his lease as long as he was seen in their cars…….. And as for anne hathaway with the R8, bitch please she didn’t recieve that for free.

  8. Truth says:

    Bank$ , yes I do have proof of this…I work in the entertainment industry and I know…Audi gives out free leases to celebrities like candy. Look…free advertising with these pap shots. And no, Mercedes does not do this at all. It’s mostly Audi and GM.

    • Bank$ says:

      Great you work in the entertainment industry……… I was raised in the entertainment industry, as my father is the chairman of lionsgate. I know for a FACT that Fletcher Jones auto group gives away leases to most a-list and B-list celebs. So does MB of beverly hills. So there goes that theory.

    • Mich says:

      You do not work in the entertainment industry, you work for a fast-food chain, call yourself Big-T and ride around in a 10 year old BMW with chrome rims. People who work in the entertainment industry don’t troll celebrity car sites. Now sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

  9. Audi sales says:

    Yes Audi does give free leases to certain celebs. I work with Audi and I know this. It has nothing to do with the dealership. The car is given to the celibrties by Audi. There is a special portfolio manager in La that does them. It’s a cool gig.

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