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Mac Miller Gets A New Fisker Karma

Complex Magazine gave out its first ever “Man of Next Year” award to up and coming rapper Mac Miller from Pittsburg recently. Now winning something with the title “Man of Next Year” might not sound that sweet but when the prize package comes with a brand new Fisker Karma things get interesting! That’s right, not only does Mac Miller get a new car but he also get a digital Complex cover (the rapper’s first),  and a custom Marc Ecko varsity jacket. Hopefully Miller can live up to his title!

Mac Miller Fisker Karma

Source: Complex 

Shout out to Alan S. for the tip!

6 Responses to Mac Miller Gets A New Fisker Karma

  1. Andrew says:

    Damn, that’s one hell of a gift. Maybe I should start a foray into hip hop.

  2. DexBusy says:

    Fisker is truly becoming the whip of choice for d-bags everywhere…

    Our society is careening straight into the rocks.

  3. uhh says:

    Ruined the interior. White TRASH.

  4. gmoney says:

    amazing! you all jelous!

  5. gmoney says:

    haters all jelous!

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