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Lauren Conrad Hits The Streets In Her Porsche

We always love Lauren Conrad’s taste in cars and her Porsche Cayenne is just another one of her rides we’d love to own. We know there’s a fascination with Range Rover’s but we’d take a new Cayenne any day! Would you?

Lauren Conrad Porsche Cayenne

6 Responses to Lauren Conrad Hits The Streets In Her Porsche

  1. Chiara says:

    I love her style, Porsche fits her perfectly. And her cayenne looks so clean, wow:)

  2. My Zone says:

    so where’s the car? you guys always just post 1 pic that doesnt even show the car smh

  3. elitist says:

    no. i certainly would not take a silly peasant cayenne over a proper range rover.

    what a dumb question.

  4. Trev says:

    Wake me up when a range rover can do a 0-60 sprint in under 4.5 seconds. Clearly the peasant vehicle is the range rover as there are at least 3 on every used car lot from san fran to san diego because they are as reliable as the delorean was.

    • MatheR says:

      It’s so funny you choose to go on about this based on 0-60 times. I’ll try to enlighten your ignorance. The new 510 HP V8 RR Sport Supercharged does it in just 5 seconds, beats all Cayennes on the straight except for the Cayenne Turbo S (Rarely even owned). Please stop chatting shit, I own a 997 Turbo and have been the biggest Porsche fanboy in my adult life, but the Range Rover has always been the superior SUV. Great looks, Interior quality, majestic appeal, offroad ability as well as performance, well worth the price and puts the Cayenne in its back pocket.

  5. zoey says:

    Porsche Cayenne is a really good choice for a celebrity like Lauren Conrad.Porsche Cayenne is a great SUV;probably one of the finest cars from Porsche.The car design is simply beautiful and flawless.The Porsche designers have left no stones unturned to turn this car into one of the fines automobile ever driven.The interiors are just splendid.Overall I’d say a very beautiful car for the beautiful lady. 😉

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