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We’d Never Get Tired Of This Lineup

It’s no secret that Jon Olsson has a sweet lineup. Last we knew he was actually selling his Audi R8 snow machine but from his latest updates it sounds like he’s hanging onto it. He recently shared this photo of both his R8 and his Q7. We’d drive either of these snow beasts any day! Would you?

Jon Olsson Audi

5 Responses to We’d Never Get Tired Of This Lineup

  1. Blade_27 says:

    That R8 looks just like the one I won the CSR Racing Game with, wicked game!

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s a real shame he sold his Murcielago. That thing was an absolute beast in the winter, judging by the photos of it.

  3. Tyler212 says:

    That Audi R8 just looks awesome…!! Especially in black too…sweet ride..!!The R8 is one of my favorite cars.The Q7 is also a great SUV. I would never ever dream of selling the R8 if I had one.If required I’d sell my house but not the car.That’s how much I’m crazy about cars.Anyways I have to admit that Jon Olsson does really have a great taste in cars.

  4. Tapisco says:

    The best lineup around…

  5. Romero says:

    Sweet cars! Nice background…

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