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If Only We Could All Wake Up To This In The Driveway

Dwyane Wade must have thought he was still dreamin when he woke up to a McLaren birthday gift sitting in his driveway. D-Wade took a nap yesterday and woke up to ANOTHER McLaren MP4-12C from Coral Gables, FL dealership, The CollectionIt’s no secret Wade is pretty tight with the dealership (he’s pretty much the face of their website) and not to mention this is actually the second MP4-12C they’ve “gifted” him. In other words, they just want him to drive another one around, but hey — that’s fine with us! Wade posted this photo collage on Instagram. What do you think of the red? Like it more than the black one they gave him before or not?

Think I’ll go take a nap now and dream of a McLaren showing up in the driveway…

Dwyane Wade McLaren

2 Responses to If Only We Could All Wake Up To This In The Driveway

  1. Tyler says:

    He will go broke anyway

    • amadou says:

      i detest some typical haters like you. d wade is too smart to be broke, he gets cars for free!! lol u are just jealous!!

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