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Cameron Diaz Heads To The Gym In Her New Tesla Model S

Cameron Diaz joins the Tesla Model S club along with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Cameron was spotted leaving the gym and getting into her black Model S. Unfortunately, it looks like she has tan interior and the standard 19’s. Personally we’d want black interior and we’d spring for the all glass panoramic roof. The 21’s on Affleck’s look much better. What color options would you get?

Cameron Diaz Tesla Model S

Shout out to Finland for another great tip!

7 Responses to Cameron Diaz Heads To The Gym In Her New Tesla Model S

  1. My Zone says:

    ya the 21′ rims look the best, glad another celebrity is supporting tesla, but more need to support though

    • Howard says:

      The 19inch wheels actually deliver a more comfortable and weather flexible ride.
      The 21inch tyres burn out more and are more sports centric and not needed.
      I agree Cameron should have chosen by a better colour for sunny Cal and maybe
      the sun roof unless she is worried about paparazzi.

  2. Tyq says:

    Nice that Tesla is selling strong. But I like the tan interior. Black is a bit boring and just…. black. So unimaginative. Its more pleasant to be in a brighter environment.

  3. Romero says:

    Cameron Diaz in her new Tesla Model S? Why Cameron? Why? 🙁

  4. Yeezus Christ says:

    tan interior > black interior

    black is bland, boring, there’s nothing to it plus it attracts more heat

    beige, tan is the best color interior for any car

  5. jason moore says:

    Whats up girl friend? I would like to thank you Ms. Diaz for sealing to deal on my, I mean my wife’s new car. She saw that we pretty much ordered the same one. I’m second guessing my self on the rims. would you still go for the sensible 19″ or the turbines?
    Cheers Jason from Seattle

  6. mark says:

    black interior is so out dude!!! Get with the times… tan is way better

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