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Ben Baller Gets The Ultimate Hookup From Lexus

Ben Baller posted this photo on Instagram of his new Lexus LFA — sort of. According to his caption, Lexus gave him the $500,000 LFA for his DUB Magazine photo shoot and the second season of his Ben Baller show. We’ve got no idea how the K-town hustler does it but thumbs up to this! ┬áIf there was one thing I would like to understand more than how Ben scored this it would be how Ben had a Enzo in his parking spots back in the day when he first popped on my radar. #myspacewasathing

Ben Baller Lexus LFA

3 Responses to Ben Baller Gets The Ultimate Hookup From Lexus

  1. Andrew says:

    Any time with a Lexus LFA is better than no time with one. That car is a marvel, and hopefully Ben enjoys it for the time he has it!

  2. Romero says:

    It’s a nice looking car, but I don’t like the spoiler. The spoiler is the spoiler…

  3. Dur says:

    Baller? Dude anyone who buys or drives a 500k lexus is a boor. Not the same thing

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