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Mark Wahlberg Hauls His Kids Around In A Bentley

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Mark Wahlberg out with his Bentley Azure but over the weekend he was spotted hauling his kids around in the backseat. We think it’s time he switches to the Mulsanne. Looks like he could use a couple more doors!

Mark Wahlberg Bentley

Mark Wahlberg Bentley Azure


3 Responses to Mark Wahlberg Hauls His Kids Around In A Bentley

  1. Andrew says:

    Right before I scrolled down, I thought to myself, “There’s gotta be a picture where Marky Mark looks somewhat angry.”

    Hey, what do you know, I was right.

  2. Theoderich says:

    You are kind of right on the doors. It is not nessesary, given the fact the car is gigantic. The Azure classier than the Mulsanne, which is at the moment just bling and a fashion acessory for the celebs. The Azure is too old to be “in and flashy”, so it’s much cooler in my opinion. 🙂

  3. Romero says:

    I agree. I also think it’s time for him to switch to the Bentley Mulsanne. I don’t know if Mark Wahlberg has ever driven the Mulsanne. If he has, he should get one, because it would suit him…

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