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Kristen Bell Runs Around In Her Chevy Volt

Kristen Bell was spotted driving around in her Chevy Volt earlier this week. We’re kind of surprised we haven’t seen more celebrities running around in Volts. So far I think we’re only seen Jay Leno and Jeff Gordon. Have you spotted any other celebs in Volts?

Kristen Bell Chevy Volt

2 Responses to Kristen Bell Runs Around In Her Chevy Volt

  1. Yeezus Christ says:

    i dont understand why you guys only post 1 pic every single time like whats the point smh and that car is ugly and crappy

  2. Romero says:

    I can imagine Leonardo DiCaprio buying one, with him being a dedicated environmentalist. I’ve read an interesting Top Gear article with Leonardo DiCaprio. Did you know Henrik Fisker started his company after he saw DiCaprio at the Oscars with a Toyota Prius? And now the actor and Fisker Automotive have teamed up…

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