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Chad Ochocino’s Old Rolls Royce Already Up For Grabs

Just last month Chad Ochocinco let his twitter followers know he’d sold his matte grey Rolls Royce Phantom to rapper French Montana (yeah, we’d never heard of the guy either) but from the looks of this current eBay listing, French Montana may have been in over his head. The Rolls Royce is already up for grabs on eBay with a buy it now set at $139,888.

Hey, ballin’ isn’t cheap. I guess French Montana just couldn’t keep up.

Chad Ochocinco Rolls Royce

Photo of French Montana with the car right after he bought it.

French Montana Rolls Royce

Shout out to Miles B for the tip!

5 Responses to Chad Ochocino’s Old Rolls Royce Already Up For Grabs

  1. Bank$ says:

    Get ready to see more of chads stuff going up for sale, the guy spends money like it grows on trees, and he won’t be getting another nfl contract.

  2. MrA says:

    That wood really messes up the color scheme ….

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  4. truth says:

    oh chad, stop trying to fool people with your pre owned rolls. you’re broke. go buy a normal car and act your wage.

  5. Romero says:

    According to Chad himself, he pulled in an average of $66,104.66 a month for 2012 … despite not having an NFL salary, earning the money through self-employment, partnerships, and/or independent contracts…

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