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Ben Baller Customizes His New Rolls Royce Ghost

We knew it wouldn’t take long before Ben Baller put some special touches on his new Rolls Royce Ghost! Ben Baller had the guys over at Platinum Motorsport throw someĀ 24” Agetro wheels with floating RR caps to top it off. As if he wasn’t ballin’ already, now he’s really living the life with this “daily driver”!

Ben Baller Rolls Royce

Ben Baller Rolls Royce Ghost

4 Responses to Ben Baller Customizes His New Rolls Royce Ghost

  1. Andrew says:

    Christ, those wheels are horrid.

    • Neil Tanner says:

      Hi, I agree with Andrew,
      The car does need better rims and tires,
      this person had the right idea except the tires
      and the scale here does not match the car,
      To Bad, good effort though,
      thanks NT

  2. Tapisco says:


  3. Bank$ says:

    Really nicely done, some of the nicer aftermarket wheels I’ve ever seen.

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