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The Game Shows Off His New Bugatti

The Game has had his fair share of crazy customized super cars and now he has a new Bugatti Veyron to play with. He posted photos on Instagram with one caption saying “Thanks to @vh1musicĀ for pitching in on the Bugatti for my bday…. That reality show $$$ is wonderful.” If only we could all have our own reality shows…

Looks like the Bugatti has yellow wheels now but we’re guessing he’ll change it up somehow soon. First it was gold for his Panamera then a leather wrap for his Ferrari so who knows what’s next for this ride!

The Game Bugatti Veyron

The Game Bugatti

Shout out to Caio for the tip!

10 Responses to The Game Shows Off His New Bugatti

  1. 90212ML says:

    This is not his!! The bugatti is from Nicolas Bijan, the guy that is standing next to the Game on the photo!

  2. Andrew says:

    Did The Game buy Bijan’s Bugatti? Because that’s the exact style of the car that sits out in front of his store. If he did, well, I hope he paints it.

  3. al says:

    thats bijans, But i was at bijans store in october and he is getting a new yeyron and painting were the car is black spraying it in chrome and leaving the yellow @celebritycarsblog

  4. Falkonnox says:

    He’s referring to his son

  5. Cdub says:

    Doubtful. The Game jokes around quite a bit, but he might be just be faking it…

  6. the game says:

    yo bros , thanks for all them lovin coments- makes me get the respect on . yeah i bought this lil babe and my good friends from vh1 been done that good to me and threw a bit of greens on me too. so yeah keep it cool guys ,

  7. Lol spear 101 says:

    The game is a fake he ain’t hard enough to drop that shit

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