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Paul McCartney Drives Around In A Corvette

Paul McCartney was spotted getting into a blue Chevy Corvette outside a Beverly Hills hotel over the weekend. Never thought we’d see McCartney behind the wheel of a Corvette!

Paul McCartney Chevy Corvette

3 Responses to Paul McCartney Drives Around In A Corvette

  1. Andrew says:

    A Corvette and track pants, eh? Looks like somebody’s been spending a bit too much time in the states…

  2. Romero says:

    I’ve seen a TMZ video on Youtube of Paul McCartney parking his Corvette in the loading zone at LAX, with airport security watching over the car. Just because he’s a Beatle?

  3. Ace says:

    ^ya let’s critizise this guy because he drives a cheap vette and wears track pants, even though he’s probably the wealthiest celeb that’s been featured on this blog and has more talent then all these other snobby piece of crap cum rags

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