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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Porsche Cayenne

Move over soccer moms — nineteen year old Miley Cyrus is coming in hot. Miley was spotted driving around Hollywood in her new black on black Porsche Cayenne GTS earlier this week. It’s only a matter of time before we spot Liam running around in the GTS next.

Miley Cyrus Porsche Cayenne GTS

Miley Cyrus Porsche Cayenne

Shout out to both Matt R and Khloe for the tips!

5 Responses to Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Porsche Cayenne

  1. Andrew says:

    What is it with celebrities and shitty choices in wheels? I’m hard pressed to find a single instance of a celebrity picking out a nice wheel combo for their car — Jon Olsson notwithstanding.

  2. search41 says:

    those wheels are a factory option on the GTS. she has not messed it up yet.

    most likely she’ll send it to West Coast Customs where they will ghettofy it , just like they do all their cars. For example: Biebers ferrari with the purple accents….YUK

  3. manuka says:

    Never liked the cayenne but if I’d had to drive one it would like this. What’s wrong with the rims? Have you seen the other factory choices? Although I don’t like colored ones they are looking pretty good on a black car. Hope she leaves it that way!

  4. Romero says:

    I like Miley Cyrus, she’s still that cute young girl, but I don’t like the car. I personally prefer the BMW X6 over the Porsche Cayenne GTS…

  5. andrew_it says:

    XD ugly nazi tank..

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