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Meek Mill Puts 24-Karat Gold Rims On His Aston Martin

This is one way to make a statement! Meek Mill recently added 22 inch 24-karat gold rims onto his matte black Aston Martin Rapide. Would you roll on 24-karat gold?

meek mill aston martin

Meek Mill Aston Martin Rapide

9 Responses to Meek Mill Puts 24-Karat Gold Rims On His Aston Martin

  1. Andrew says:

    Truth be told, it’s significantly less ugly without Instagram filters applied, but it’s still questionable on the whole.

  2. Martini says:

    Mercedes-Benz GL 63 AMG SUV V8 goes faster 0 to 60 than that V12 AM.

  3. search 41 says:

    ugly, ugly, ugly. what a waste of a beautiful car. talk about ghetto !

  4. Amanda says:

    What a big shame. David Brown will be up there crying into his meal. Some people just shouldn’t have money.

  5. rob de la parra says:

    this is “bioghetto” boiugi and ghetto at the same time as Candy says in RHO ATlanta

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