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Justin Bieber Driving His White on White Ferrari 458

Earlier this week we shared a photo of Justin’s blacked out Sprinter and a white Ferrai 458. Justin was actually driving the Ferrari later that day and pulled over too (shocking). Either way, we just spotted Justin behind the wheel of the white Ferrari 458 while leaving a Taco Bell with his Sprinter close behind. Hey, when your girlfriend dumps you, get a Ferrari. Right?

Justin Bieber Ferrari 458

Justin Bieber Ferrari

12 Responses to Justin Bieber Driving His White on White Ferrari 458

  1. G says:

    Dude what is with your obsession with this kid? You just posted a picture of his car yesterday or the day before.

  2. Bob says:

    Leave it to bieber to completely ruin a beautiful Ferrari…

  3. Molle says:

    Very presidential having a follow car. Shine bright like diamonds in the sky. White on white. By the way, the “obsession” is so chanel 5 and we don’t “ruin” anything else than jet skis. The Lexus LFA Cali milk accessory. 10/10 Ferrari post all day everyday Good work 😉

  4. Bank$ says:

    Looks better than I thought, the wheels look good.

  5. BigNasty says:

    Just casually going to Tacobell in a Ferrari and Jon&Kate+8 van

  6. Yeezus Christ says:

    he didnt break up with selena he’s still with her

  7. bruinblue says:

    Never mind that anyone with a single cell left in his brain would be picking up tacos and or burritos from Paquito Mas. Then again… he’s not the brightest star in the sky.

  8. vinAudit says:

    great car for a small kid

  9. Romero says:

    Justin Bieber is still a young guy, but he has a good taste in cars…

  10. Vadim Mulyk says:

    Justin Bieber is a lucky teen not all teens could get a ferrari

  11. Vadim Mulyk says:

    soon im gonna be famous like him i aint famous like him but soon am gonna be

  12. liky says:

    he has good taste i wish i could drive so big

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