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Chief Keef Is Making It Big Underground

If you haven’t heard of Chief Keef yet, you will soon. Keef is an underground rapper from Chicago who recently signed a deal with Interscope records and from the looks of what he’s driving, the deal must have been pretty sweet. Shout out to Kylin for sending us the photos of Keef with his Bentley Continental and Ferrari California.

Have you heard of Chief Keef?

chief keef bentley

Chief Keef Ferrari

chief keef bentley

31 Responses to Chief Keef Is Making It Big Underground

  1. Ferrari FF says:

    This guy REALLY needs to learn how to dress.

  2. DJL says:

    I don’t know this person, and have nothing against them. But I don’t care how sweet his record deal was, it’s highly unlikely that it was sweet enough to afford one of those cars let alone both of them. More likely they are rentals, or borrowed for PR purposes. Not that I mind looking at them.

  3. M says:

    check this out: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/richest-rappers/chief-keef-net-worth/

    Unless he spent his entire net worth on the 2 cars, there’s no way he owns them both!! Most likely rentals.

  4. Andrew says:

    Who in their right mind buys a Ferrari California, unless they’re a 17 year old kid with no knowledge of a good Ferrari…

    Oh wait.

  5. drew says:

    This guys record deal was worth 500 thousand…….. But lets not forget a guy by the name of uncle sam. This guy couldnt afford either of these vehicles outright after taxes and other fees.

  6. John says:

    He just posted a rap video and had these cars in them..so they aren’t his

    • I know for a fact that the Bentley is his, but the California could go either way.

      • doesn't matter says:

        How do you know for a fact? Do you work for the DMV? And if you did, I’m sure he would have it registered to some LLC or corporation, and not just his name. I believe the car is not his. You can rent a Flying Spur from any exotic dealership for $900-1200 a day, do a photo shoot, then take it back. Typically marketing method to get dudes like you to believe it.

  7. Pants says:

    The least he could do is wear a pair of pants that actually fit……seriously who puts pants on and only has them around the bottom of their arse so it looks like they are wearing some nappy and go DANG I AM LOOKIN GOOD!!!! what a muppet!

  8. doesn't matter says:

    Man…when will these rappers learn? Jimmy Iovine owns this idiot. I swear, these rappers get all this money fronted, and end up racking up expenses they can’t pay back. Remember Suge Knight and 2 Pac? It’s a simply logic. Find desperate rappers and buy them or loan them more stuff then they can afford, then send them the bill. I wonder who will own his master recordings?

  9. j bone says:

    it dont matter the young nigga get’n it and yaw cant come close so stop fucking hating chiraq this bitch !

  10. j bone says:

    young nigga keep getin that money fuck these hoes and fuck these hatin ass mfs and they die to be were u at

  11. Cociesh says:

    y’all haterz are some jelous bitches. u guyz know u can’t afford good shit and plus since when were u guyz his fucking financial advisors?! the boy got money and he can spend it any way he wants.

  12. Cociesh says:

    And haven’t people heard ” RAPPERS R RICHER DAN U”

  13. bizbi says:

    Atleast he can afford to rent them nice ride but yall hatin ass barely pays the bills

  14. iAmNiggaAndWhite says:

    The nigga gettin money n niggas r hatin
    But this nigga wack as fuk and helps destroy hiphop, this new generation fuked up. All he do is rap bout dum shit like fukin women, fukin his niggas n bitches luvin “sosa” or wat eva that kid be sayin. Y’all niggas go fuk wif kendrick lamar, at least he can talk bout the same shit n make it so people understand wat he sayin. All dis nigga is, is anotha soula boy, waka flocka, lil wayne aka, a fukin hype man, cassidy wud crush them niggas in rap n dey kno that

  15. Pause says:

    Regardless of what he pocketed from his deal, he making at least 200k a week doing shows, so unless he in a 360 deal the label not touching that so he getting money, if anything they leased, at least one of them, I don’t codone his music but I will never hate on another man making money, and u can’t blame him for the position he is in, all he did was make videos and the fans made him who he is, so blame the consumer

  16. tlyer says:

    Not his he only has a white audi truck with white rims

  17. Joseph says:

    None of those are his. He owns a all white Audi Q7 with white rims. Look at his Instagram pics. He also says “Got a f*cking Audi, and its all white!” in one of his songs lol. The pics above were taken when he was in LA

  18. essosclubthursdays says:

    YEP^^ true he have an audi q7 .. but those bentlyes and ferraris aint his those was from videlo shoot or something when he was in cali this photo is taking outside interscope studios i think… but yea they are rented but who cares im sure dude got more money than all us together and in just some few months his life changed lol ..give dude props for his grind!!

  19. deck rails says:

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  20. wack a OPP says:


  21. Stevie says:

    He didn’t say that he owned them. He is just able to afford to drive them.

  22. KeithKeef says:

    Ya My Q7 3hunned. “Bang Bang” that Ferrari I wanted My Eye’s they Blunted …

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  24. adcb says:

    record deal with interscope was actually worth 6 million us dollars. hes also the hottest guy in the game atm so he can have anything he desires.

  25. Chief Keef says:

    Those are all rentals in the article – although trust he has a fleet of cars and toys what else do you expect him to spend money on?

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