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Britney Spears: Mom Duty In The G-Wagon

Britney Spears was spotted taking her boys and what looks like the worlds smallest dog to the mall in her white Mercedes-Benz G55 earlier this week.

Britney Spears Mercedes G55

2 Responses to Britney Spears: Mom Duty In The G-Wagon

  1. jj says:

    speaking of g wagons. kim k was photographed in a matte black g63. i think she got rid of the tacky white g63 with chrome rims and traded it in for a better model.

  2. Romero says:

    Why not, Britney? She earned another number one hit (Scream & Shout) with Will.I.am after a long time. Do your mommy duty in the G-wagon Britney…

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