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Ice-T Completes His Bentley Continental GT

Ice-T has finally completed his Bentley Continental GT and he posted this photo on Instagram to show it off with the caption “Car Porn – Finally complete. The ‘Murder One Bentley GT’ Flared and blacked out.”

What do you think of Ice-T’s final product? Too much or just right?

Ice T Bentley


9 Responses to Ice-T Completes His Bentley Continental GT

  1. RevYourMedia says:

    If it were in black or white maybe id like it.. . But no… Me no likey….

  2. Craig says:

    Ugh… way too much. Way to ruin a perfectly beautiful and luxurious car by making it look like a pimped out Infiniti! All it needs now is a carbon fiber spoiler and colored underlights and it will fit in perfectly in the ghetto… Bentleys are classy cars >:(

  3. search4101 says:

    I agree with Craig. Huge waste of money that ruined a fine automobile.

    What is with these guys that they have to “ghetto” nice cars ??

  4. Andrew says:

    I don’t know who designed that aftermarket body kit, but they probably shouldn’t design any further ones.

    Although I *do* like that specific shade of red, just not necessarily the entire aesthetic of the car.

  5. Sphynxie says:

    I agree with the above comments — way too much!

    I also agree that the only nice thing about it is the red color.

    I don’t even recognize that as a Bentley – what a waste! The body shape looks like a low-end wanna-be sports car. It just makes me feel annoyed! I’m so annoyed!

    Wonder what made him do that? So he could say, “Look what I did to a Bentley!”?

    So, what’s left of the Bentley side of things in that thing – the engine and interior?

    Good Lord!

  6. Jesus says:

    That’s a nice look but it’s not meant for a Bentley. Black rims and lip splitter are not ghetto… Adding custom colored or chrome rims and blacking out taillights with no sense of matching are the actual ghetto.

  7. King says:

    You guys throw the term “ghetto” around too loosely on this site. Just because a car isn’t stock doesn’t make it “ghetto”. “Ghetto” looking cars are what you would see in South Florida, or almost any hood in America, like old school chevrolets on 30″ rims with TV’s all over the damn place, Gucci/LV/Any luxury brand monogram interior and an insane amount of speakers inside the car…THAT’S GHETTO!!!! I do agree that this doesn’t look good at all.

  8. Romero says:

    You might not like the look of this Bentley Continental GT, but I’m sure most of us want to be driving one…

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