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Lady Gaga Parades Her Way Around Town In Rolls Royce

Lady Gaga was spotted parading her way to a party in NYC with a classic Rolls Royce and classic Cadillac — if anyone knows how to make an entrance it’s Gaga. Now if only she had enough free time to run around in her Audi R8!

Gaga Rolls Royce

Lady Gaga Rolls Royce

Lady Gaga Cadillac


3 Responses to Lady Gaga Parades Her Way Around Town In Rolls Royce

  1. JB says:

    The red Rolls-Royce Corniche is Lady G’s personal car. She keeps it in NYC and said she bought it for her parents.

  2. Uncle UG says:

    That caddy is sick! I love it; that grille is mean.

  3. RRGHOST says:

    Anyone else notice the amazing, but aging Phantom behind the Corniche. BTW, can I throw out a suggestion to CCB? Would you guys ever consider having CCB Chairman people? Much like having people who comment on the pictures with insightful details, hints, tips. IDK. Seems like fun. Anyway, LOVE your blog! Have been hooked for almost a year now. I Love Celebrity Car Blog!

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