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Harry Styles Has Too Much Money

And we thought the classic Jaguar E-Type was going to be the only new addition to the collection. Harry Styles was also spotted test driving a very rare, very unique and very very expensive Porsche 911 Sport Classic. Lets just hope that if he buys it, he doesn’t wreck it!

Harry Styles Porsche 911 Sport Classic

6 Responses to Harry Styles Has Too Much Money

  1. William says:

    Wow the 911 Sport Classic is one of the sexiest 911 ever made..
    Not sure how he got that car since there was only 250 made before he even got rich..
    Great car it is.

  2. Seb says:

    Its not THAT expensive. Costs about the same as a Ferrari California. But great choice nonetheless!

  3. manuka says:

    Indeed sexy looking 911!

  4. CBE says:

    i dont find that sexy at all especially with those rims

  5. George says:

    Oh boy… Save your money !

  6. logo says:

    Such a hot car! Love it

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