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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Lamborghini Is Back

The last time we spotted Cristiano Ronaldo out with his Lamborghini Aventador it was on the back of a tow truck but from the looks of it he’s back in action. Ronaldo was spotted driving around in his Aventador with his son in the passenger seat recently.

Cristiano Ronaldo Lamborghini

Thanks to Kylin for the tip!

6 Responses to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Lamborghini Is Back

  1. gndias says:

    this is soooo old!!!!

  2. ann says:

    Must have been his sister son…


  3. Romero says:

    Some may like him and some may not. He might be too flashy, but he’s a talented sportsman. As far as his car, I like it. But I prefer the Roadster version…

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