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Why Would You Ever Do This To A G-Wagon??

Martial artist and actor, Anton Kasabov was spotted in Beverly Hills recently with his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon customized by Hamman Motorsport. Usually we like the work Hamman does but this thing is hideous. Would you agree??

Anton Kasabov G Wagon

Anton Kasabov Mercedes G Wagon

12 Responses to Why Would You Ever Do This To A G-Wagon??

  1. search41 says:

    that is so wrong ! ugly, ugly, ugly !

  2. manuka says:

    Haha, as if Hamann likes that car!!!! They get paid to do whatever those sick freaks want their car to look like!

  3. Tapisco says:


  4. RevYourMedia says:

    I wouldn’t even take this car if someone gave it to me. Well that’s not true. I would. But I’d try to sell it as fast as possible and get something else. But then again who in their right mind would buy such a hideous thing. So I guess I still wouldn’t even take it.

  5. The side of it actually looks pretty sick, but the kit and the mods make it look like some cheap suped of streetcar!

  6. Romero says:

    Let the guy live his life. If he’s happy with his G-Wagon, then let hime be happy. Somehow, it personally reminds me of ‘The A-Team’s’ GMC van…

  7. Oli says:

    Russian Style….

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  9. LoveRanger says:

    Anton Kasabov, you sir, are a DOUCHEBAG!

  10. JT says:

    I like it. Too much for most people but it IS unique! I would drive that anyday! Haters will always hate…

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