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Zayn Malik Picks Out A Leftover Bentley

One Direction band member, Zayn Malik was spotted picking up a¬†Bentley Continental recently. Unlike his band mate Harry Styles who’s running around in a new Audi R8, Range Rover and a Ferrari, Zayn’s keeping it to just one ride for now but being that the kid’s just nineteen and has a Bentley already we’re guessing he’s doing just fine.

zayn malik bentley continental

zayn malik bentley

Thanks to kylin for the tip!

2 Responses to Zayn Malik Picks Out A Leftover Bentley

  1. Alex says:

    These pictures are so old. They’ve been on the internet for +/- 6 months.

  2. neeb says:

    that car looks like it’s 6 years old

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