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T.I.’s Sitting Pretty In A New Bentley Mulsanne

If you thought T.I.’s Ferrari’s were fresh think again — T.I. just posted this photo on Instagram of himself standing next to a brand new Bentley Mulsanne.

T.I. Bentley Mulsanne

T.I. Bentley

Thanks to Greg for the tip!

9 Responses to T.I.’s Sitting Pretty In A New Bentley Mulsanne

  1. dallasdude says:

    What’s with the Audi style rims?? Cheap crap on an expensive car… no taste these rappers lool

  2. car news says:

    yeah.. i agree.. they only have a lot of money but no taste

  3. Guest says:

    ^ Those rims are stock clowns.

  4. Hanz says:

    You two are just stupid, those rims come with that car.

  5. Tapisco says:

    Stock rims…

  6. manuka says:

    Actually those wheels fit the car and are pretty decent if you see them for real. At least he didnt mess the car up by using his own taste!

  7. search41 says:

    yes, they are stock rims. he must have just picked up the car because you just know he will do something to screw it up !

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