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T.I.’s Garage Looks Better Than Yours

T.I. recently picked up a new Bentley Mulsanne and shared the pic through Instagram but obviously he wasn’t done with just the Mulsanne. T.I. just posted this photo of his garage with his new Bentley Mulsanne AND a Rolls Royce sitting pretty. I guess good things can come from selling your Ferrari 599 GTB.

T.I. Bentley Rolls Royce

5 Responses to T.I.’s Garage Looks Better Than Yours

  1. neeb says:

    The Mulsanne is a 10x better car than the ghost

  2. alexanderr says:

    Good…lets hope he doesnt ghettofy it with tacky wheels.

  3. Smoove says:

    A ragtop on the Ghost TI………c’mon bruh u know better than that!!
    Other than that you got pretty good taste in your cars.

  4. roman says:

    nobody can mess with Floyd’s garage- SICK!!!!!!!

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