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Sean Kingston Intagrams His New “Toy”

Sean Kingston posted a couple of photos to Instagram over the weekend about his new “toy” but to us it looks like he’s buying a used Bentley Continental GT. ¬†Are we missing something?

Sean Kingston Bentley

Sean Kingston Bentley with Red Interior

5 Responses to Sean Kingston Intagrams His New “Toy”

  1. Effin What says:

    Who is he?

  2. blog says:

    Whats wrong with a used car? I bet it’s better than what most of us drive….

  3. kris says:

    He is smart for buying a used one, considering the depreciation on a vehicle he will probably rarely drive. But the custom paint job is hideous, I would personally never drive a Bentley like that out of respect for myself and the car.

  4. neeb says:

    Sean Kingston can afford the depreciation hit.

  5. Romero says:

    If it’s a used car. Who sold this Bentley Continental GT to Sean Kingston?

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