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Does Sean Kingston Really Have A Bentley Mulsanne Too?

Sean Kingston just Instagramed this photo of himself with a Bentley Mulsanne and the caption “success”. Just last week he also took photos of his new Bentley Continental GT┬áso we have to wonder…is he just posing with this Mulsanne or did he really get one? What’s your vote?

Sean Kingston Bentley Mulsanne

5 Responses to Does Sean Kingston Really Have A Bentley Mulsanne Too?

  1. Tim says:

    He’s a poseur

  2. URAMORON says:

    His music sucks. Him and Bieber should die in a wreck together.

  3. Phea says:

    I agree with URAMORON. Who the hell is this nobody anyways? Stop anyone on the streets and ask if they can name two of this his songs. All these little kids getting these insane cars should enjoy it while it last because the moment you become a has-been, and it will happen, you’ll wish you saved your money instead of spending it on cars your crap ass “music” could only rent you.

  4. TrstFundBaby says:

    Considering they just foreclosed on his house here in South Florida, I doubt it, however, some people’s priorities are mis- aligned.

  5. doesn't matter says:

    I get it. Just take photo by any car of your choice and your automatically owner. smh

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