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Queen Elizabeth Actually Drives – And She’s Got Style

She might be getting up there in age and she may barely be able to see over the wheel but that doesn’t mean the Queen can’t take a spin around town! We weren’t even sure she drove herself but thanks to the photos below we have proof now. Queen Elizabeth was spotted behind the wheel of a Jaguar, a Range Rover and saving the best for last — a Land Rover Defender 90! The Queen’s got style.

Queen Elizabeth Jaguar

Queen Elizabeth Range Rover

queen elizabeth driving

Thanks to Kylin and George for the photo tips!

9 Responses to Queen Elizabeth Actually Drives – And She’s Got Style

  1. RevYourMedia says:

    That woman rocks. She has awesome taste in cars. If I were the queen of England I’d have range rovers too. But I’m not the queen of England so when my 91 classic and my 97 HSE started having problems I dumped them. Worst cars for reliability. Period.

  2. RevYourMedia says:

    Is that a hoodie she is wearing? In the rr?

  3. Richard Aucock says:

    She has indeed: I drove her Landie earlier in the year, too. It’s a delight!

  4. josh mcneill says:

    Is that a hoodie in the Range Rover Sport? And what is with the emblems on the cars??? The big silver thing. By the way, CCB never posted my thing about Tim Allen. Why not?

  5. John R. says:

    It’s no surprise she’s driving a Jag and a Range. Land Rover, Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Bentley all have Royal Warrants, in other words they have the right to advertise that they are endorsed by the royal family. I’m betting you will never see the royal family in anything other than those four car companies. Surprisingly, Rolls does not have a warrant.

  6. Yes Queeny! Glad she’s sticking to a patriotic line of vehicles. Prince Will should lend her the Aston Volante his dad gave him as a wedding gift.

  7. she was impressed graceful and gallant there. the maximum performance I feel is appropriate to his need

  8. Romero says:

    It’s nice to see her actually drive a car, but it would be much nicer if she would floor it…

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