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What’s Molly Shannon Riding Around In?

Can you tell what kind of car Molly Shannon’s riding shotgun in?

Molly Shannon

8 Responses to What’s Molly Shannon Riding Around In?

  1. DOlson says:

    Its for sure a mercedes from the 80’s… probably a 280 or something

  2. RevYourMedia says:

    Yup. That’s a vintage merc. The headrests and vinyl interior give it away. Plus I had one just like that too. A 280c to be exact. And I still regret selling it. =(

  3. John R. says:

    vintage merc, real classy.

  4. Finland says:

    Mercedes-Benz C107

  5. Esteban says:

    Mercedes W123 Wagon

  6. Fish says:

    1980 Mercedes 450sel

  7. JDawg says:

    At first glance, I thought that it was a ‘Wagon Queen Family Truckster’. Because if you’re taking the tribe across country, believe me, this is YOUR automobile.

  8. zacharygarry says:

    mercedes w123!!!! she is utterly fabulous. living my dream.

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