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Kobe Bryant Gets A Ticket In His Ferrari

Kobe Bryant was spotted driving around Los Angeles in his Ferrari 458 Italia recently. According to reports, Kobe was pulled over for talking on his cell phone while driving. Earth to Kobe – driving while holding your cell phone to your ear will get you pulled over – especially when you’re driving with the top down in your bright red Ferrari. Just sayin’…

Kobe Bryant Ferrari 458 italia


4 Responses to Kobe Bryant Gets A Ticket In His Ferrari

  1. Auto Accessorize says:

    Kobe’s been getting in quite a bit of trouble lately!

  2. car news says:

    if i were to drive a ferarri i would probably get tickets all the time 🙂

  3. Tapisco says:

    Its a must to look fleshy in a cabrio FERRARI. It leads to talk on the fone, speeding, spinning, blond girls and so on…
    Get ticket pay the price….

  4. Banx says:

    Just glad to know Kobe fits in an Italia…I’m 6’6″ .Tthat means there’s hope for me yet!!

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