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What Happened To Halle Berry’s Lexus??

For some reason Halle Berry's driving around in a plain jane Honda CR-V now. Halle was spotted getting into the CR-V after getting her nails done recently. It's not like her Lexus RX was anything exciting but compared to a Honda it sure is!

Halle Berry Honda CR-V

5 Responses to What Happened To Halle Berry’s Lexus??

  1. dD says:

    Maybe she wants some privacy or just don’t want to brag about her success. And that’s the only thing Honda is good for.

  2. Tony R. says:


  3. Jesus says:

    Honda, FTW.

  4. Helo says:

    BTW: The Honda is a good car so yeah. Gosh.

  5. Romero says:

    Maybe Gabriel Aubrey took it from her when we wasn’t at home…

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