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Ellen’s Day Off In The Porsche

Aaaahh a day in the life of Ellen Degeneres. Ellen was spotted walking back to her Porsche in Beverly Hills and enjoying a little more time off before heading back to work for the tenth season of her show. We’ve never spotted her in this Porsche before. What do you think it is? Looks like it has mono-lug wheels.

Ellen Degeneres Porsche

4 Responses to Ellen’s Day Off In The Porsche

  1. RevYourMedia says:

    She is cool. And she has great taste in cars. Those are ceramic brakes (yellow) so I’m going to assume that’s the very high end turbo model 911. Do I win?

  2. Tony R. says:

    911 Turbo S

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  4. Romero says:

    So this means Ellen DeGeneres has a white Portia and a black Porsche…

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