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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Unimog U1300

Now this thing’s a beast! Arnold Schwarzenegger recently took delivery of a new Mercedes Unimog U1300 — now we just have to wait to see him maneuver this through the streets of Hollywood.

Arnold Schwarzenegger unimog

Arnold Schwarzenegger unimog

2 Responses to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Unimog U1300

  1. Timo says:

    To see more pix from the Unimog we built for Arnold visit: facebook.com/pages/Merex-Autovertrieb-GmbH-Mertec-GmbH-Nutzfahrzeugwerkstatt/188646937831484?ref=hl

    Regards, Timo – Merex Autovertrieb GmbH, Gaggenau / Blackforest, Germany

  2. TrstFundBaby says:

    HAHA! I bet Arnold is like “G Wagon?” that’s for girls (Kim K. ) that is german engineering baby!

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