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The Game Hops Out in a Leather Ferrari F430

The Game Instagram FerrariAccording to The Game’s instagram he just dropped $200,000 on a leather wrapped Ferrari F430 in France.  We’re assuming this is the same car we saw on Jalopnik a year ago.

We know he’s in France so we can only assume he will be shipping this back home where the leather will shrink up like crazy in the California Sun.

(more photos of the car after the jump)

The Game Ferrari F430

The Game leather Ferrari

The Game in his leather Ferrari F430

Hat tip to DAVLEE for the reader tip.

3 Responses to The Game Hops Out in a Leather Ferrari F430

  1. @KylinJohnson says:

    The car 🙂 Him:( If you can’t spell Ferrari, then I don’t think it should be legally possible for you to buy one…Does he have a label or is he making any money?

  2. RevYourMedia says:

    I think it’s totally original and somewhat cool looking so I gotta gve him props for that. But not my style. I still prefer red. Old school I guess. Now how in the hell does he clean it? Leather conditioner instead of wax? Can it even be washed???

  3. Jose says:

    who gives a shit if it can be washed or not. ITS A LEATHER FUCKIN FERRARI.

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