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Swizz Beats Chilling With A Morgan Aero Coupe

We’ve got no idea what Swizz Beats is up to but what ever we it is we love it because it involves a Morgan Aero Coupe. I don’t know the the Morgan Aero is US legal but Swizz’s comment implies that the car is his and he’s trying to figure out a good name for it.  What would you name it?

Swizz Beats Morgan Aero Coupe

Swizz Beats with his New Morgan Aero Coupe

3 Responses to Swizz Beats Chilling With A Morgan Aero Coupe

  1. manuka says:

    Looks like a Jessica Alba to me 🙂

  2. RevYourMedia says:

    The Morgan Aero 8 is one of those cars that really doesn’t get a whole lotta love. I think they have this cool retro look to them. But as I understand it the frame and chassis are actually made of wood which is apparently a hallmark of Morgan. That part I don’t care for. A friend of mine’s dad had a Morgan and it actually got termites once. FAIL.

  3. I love the Morgan and would love to see one here in the US.

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