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Road Tripping Like A Celebrity: Rusty Gold And A Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

The title might sound a little awkward since it’s hard to imagine celebrities actually taking road trips (unless you call Los Angeles to Coachella a road trip) but we’d still like to think that every now and then some celebs like to load up their ride and hit the open road to escape the paparazzi. We’re totally going out on a limb here because we’ve never seen a photo or David Beckham and the rest of the Beckhams pulling into a rest-stop and stretching their legs but who knows — maybe it happens!

We recently had to travel to the Midwest for a family member’s graduation in the great state of Iowa. We were actually pretty excited because there was something in Iowa we really wanted to see. Something filled with rusty gold, a little dust and has ‘celebrity’ written all over it. Antique Archaeology from the History Chanel television show American Pickers is located in Le Claire, Iowa and we had to stop. This store marks the starting point of Mike Wolfe’s journey into “celebrity” while picking rusty antiques, rotted up motorcycles, and various transportation signs across America with his good friend Frank Fritz. Both Mike and Frank are major transportation junkies and neither of them are afraid to put in the miles for a little “freestyling” down dirt roads in hunt for the perfect treasure. Lucky for us, we were able to pick up a Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum from our friends at Cadillac for the road trip.

Our trip started out in Chicago where the Escalade fit in very nice and I had no problem navigating it through the downtown traffic and out of town onto the toll ways. We don’t currently have an SUV at home and have never had what we would call a ‘full-size’ SUV like the ESV but we loved the room, the comfort, and surprisingly the gas mileage. We’ve heard all about the Cadillac engine system that chops the engine down to 4 cylinders when you are cruising on the freeway but never experienced it. The Escalade is what I would call a near perfect road trip vehicle. After getting out of Chicago our first stop wasn’t Antique Archaeology but is equally famous. We drove through the dirt roads and corn field and ran into a picture perfect baseball field known as the Field of Dreams. It wasn’t a planned stop for us but a good friend was convinced that we’d be pretty close which meant we had to go…after all, they built it so…(build it and they will come). Thanks to On Star (I’m not joking, I literally called OnStar at least three times on this road trip) we were able to get to the Field of Dream with ease. The only thing OnStar didn’t tell me was that I should have brought my baseball mat and a mitt! For anyone that ever visits the Field of Dreams in the future you should know that you can actually play a game on the field.

Field of Dreams

Despite the excitement of Field of Dreams, we still couldn’t wait to get to Antique Archaeology. We hopped back in the Escalade and traveled along the open road stopping here and there along the Mississippi river. We never stopped to stretch because unlike road trips packed in a 2-door sports car or 4-door sedan we had plenty of room in the Escalade as well as AC seats and XM radio. We also had 4 TVs but unfortunately we didn’t really need them. So fast forward to the picture perfect small town of Le Claire, Iowa we pulled right into the parking lot at Antique Archaeology. The place was packed and the rusty gold was finally right in front of us! We scanned everywhere hoping we’d spot Mike Wolfe and/or Frank Fritz but sadly neither of them were around. Either way we still had a great time looking around. Maybe we’ll run into them next time. From there, we were back on the road traveling in style and loving everything about the Cadillac Escalade ESV — loving it so much we might even have to pick one up for ourselves! Maybe David Beckham will sell his

Out front of Antique Archaeology

Antique Archaeology

Von Dutch XAVW


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