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Rick Ross’ New Maybach Coupe

Hot off the press – it looks like Rick Ross just dropped some big cheese on a Maybach Coupe.

I didn’t even know Maybach was dropping a coupe but it makes sense since there wasn’t a person that didn’t drool when they saw the Maybach Exelero that Birdman apparently never did buy. Either way I can tell after seeing this car for 30 seconds that this will be the it car for the richest of the rich rappers in 2013 and we expect to see some major players picking these up in the next few months.  Who bets Birdman has one on order too?

Rick Ross Maybach Coupe

Via Rick Ross’s Instagram

7 Responses to Rick Ross’ New Maybach Coupe

  1. Matt says:

    latest news Mercedes was killing the maybach brand due to low sales…

  2. kris says:

    googled it… it is a special made to order vehicle produced by a company called Xenatec. Apparently the price is 950k, which seems a little steep, unless the conversion is stellar.

  3. marc says:

    Yep i must agree with the commentator above… maybach does not make a coupe.. its a custom.. and yes mercedes is killing off the maybach brand.

  4. manuka says:

    Maybach doesn’t even exist any more! This custom Coupe is 5 years old and as ugly as any maybach.

  5. savannah Spread says:

    From the moment Jay-Z & Kanye demolished a Maybach in “Otis”, this car brand was dead.

  6. msizi says:

    maybach’s production will end next year, so dont talk about something you not sure of

  7. Haseeb says:

    thats a maybach 57s coupe limited edition only 5 in the world about £250,000 – £1000000

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