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Ken Block Living A Regular Life With His Ford Raptor and Boat

Ken Block's profession as a rally car driver puts him in the seat of many cars.  Back in the day he had one of the sickest daily drivers which was a very customized Mercedes CLS55.  I wouldn't be surprised if he still has it being that it was very personalized and I"m guessing that if it was sold we would have seen it.  So fast forward to 2011 when Ken Block said something to Ford about needing a winter car and they presented him with a matte-black Ford Raptor. We haven't seen or heard much of it since then being that Ken is on the road so much but it looks like this past week he got to spend some time with the Ford Raptor, his boat, and his family back in Park City where Ken lives.

Ken Block Ford Raptor pulling boat

3 Responses to Ken Block Living A Regular Life With His Ford Raptor and Boat

  1. T MaC says:

    Damn, now that seems like the life. Racing for a living, girls on a boat for playing. Such the life in my eyes.

  2. Blade_27 says:

    Ford, if you’re out there I need a winter car too.

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