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Jeremy Clarkson’s Not So Laughable Ferrari 458 Spider

I’ll be honest that I’m a little shocked that Jeremy Clarkson has a Ferrari 458 Spider.  That is if it’s really his.  We have no idea if it’s actually his car or a test car but either way we love the gold wheels on this 458 and we think it’s a good fit for Clarkson.  Not quite as good as the McLaren MP4-12C but a good fit.

So what do you think, is this really Clarkson’s car?

Jeremy Clarkson Ferrari 458 Spider

Hat tip to George for the reader tip via Daily Mail Online.

12 Responses to Jeremy Clarkson’s Not So Laughable Ferrari 458 Spider

  1. Kyle Rohde says:

    Of course it is – he loves the 458 and that’s his daughter getting into the car with him.

  2. nohomo says:

    gold rims ?! hell no!

  3. car says:

    car is awesome

  4. RyRy says:

    Not his car, it’s a Ferrari press car per his Twitter.
    “Jeremy Clarkson ?@jcrclarksonesq
    @danielbird07 Top marks. Ferrari press car. Read the Sunday Times to see what I think of it “

  5. DallasDude says:

    I think cars like that should not open up if your short its not tucked into your pants properly.

  6. DallasDude says:


  7. manuka says:

    Love the Ferrari…!!! Fat daughter.

  8. matthias says:

    Seriously gold rims?? That’s disgusting!! Those rims make the beautiful Ferrari look like a crappy Subaru.

  9. Oscar says:

    Gold rims buaaaah! only in Subarus look good.

  10. non of your business says:

    these golden rims are awful
    Black rims all the way
    even a G-wiz will be cooler with black rims.
    Gold rims are good only in subarus or in a black with a yellow stripe ferrari 430 scuderia.

  11. change says:

    why would you be shocked?hes paid more than everyone on this blog combined times 5

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