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Flo Rida’s Chrome Bugatti Veyron

I don’t know what’s up with the chrome fad but it needs to go away. ¬†We’ve seen it on Justin Bieber’s Fisker, Scott Disick‘s Audi R8 and now on Florida’s Bugatti Veyron.

Flo Rida Chrome Wrapped Bugatti Veyron

Florida Chrome Bugatti Veyron
Thanks to George for the reader tip!

3 Responses to Flo Rida’s Chrome Bugatti Veyron

  1. There is no way I would drive a chrome car.

    • @KylinJohnson says:

      I thought the same, but certain cars actually look pretty decent. But I know for sure that I wouldn’t put a chrome wrap on a Bugatti!

  2. Matt Marinella says:

    Ha the chrome wrap is pretty gaudy. I remember about ten years ago when we started seeing pictures of oil princes in the middle east chrome wrapping their audis and mercedes. I guess if you really want to show off your wealth, it gets the message across. I own a high end window tinting company based in Florida so we try to keep tabs on local celebrities and car trends…I cannot say I have seen a chrome wrap in person yet though! I suppose it could like kind of badass contrasted with a really dark tint.

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