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Felix Hernandez’s Porsche Cayenne Is Fit For A King

Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez best know as ‘King Felix’ has a brand new Porsche Cayenne. Felix sure doesn’t waste anytime on customizing his rides or the wheels on his rides. Just like his Range Rover, this Cayenne comes with a hidden message on the center cap reading “Built For a King”.

We’re not sure about the color accents but it’s still a sweet ride. What do you think?

Felix Hernandez Porsche Cayenne
Source: Park Place LTD Facebook

3 Responses to Felix Hernandez’s Porsche Cayenne Is Fit For A King

  1. Rev says:

    I think the color combo is off. Makes it look kinda ugly in my opinion.

  2. RevYourMedia says:

    Hi there, been a long time reader of the site. Awesome blog btw. I left my first comment above but noticed that my handle was cut to “Rev”. Did I do that by accident? Or did someone at CCB do that? Just curious. Thanks.

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