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Chad Ochocinco’s “General O.C.”

Originally Chad Ochocinco was driving around with a orange Dodge Challenger but now, Ochocinco’s switched things up and changed his Challenger to his own version of The General Lee with this Dodge Challenger named the “General O.C.”.

Which version do you like more?

Chad Ochocinco Dodge Challenger

Chad Ochocinco Dodge Challenger SRT 8

Source: Athlete Cars

4 Responses to Chad Ochocinco’s “General O.C.”

  1. Savannah Spread says:

    Uhm…it would be nice to actually see the celebrities somewhere near the car. From where I sit, this is just a car in a parking lot.

  2. Thanks for the feedback and trust us, if there was a picture of him with the car we’d be all over it. We work with what we get.

  3. markcmartin15@gmail.com says:

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  4. derik ayers says:

    really?? what happened to the real on i don’t remember them having black and orange rims…

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