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Bracket Picks Up a Few Range Rovers

Just because you haven’t heard of a band before (like me) doesn’t mean they don’t roll fresh in Range Rovers and G-Wagons.  Actually the G-Wagon was purchased for their promoter and the Rover’s are for the two members of Bracket which is a Nigerian group made up of Nwachukwu Ozioko aka Vast and Ali Obumneme aka Smash.

Bracket Range Rover

8 Responses to Bracket Picks Up a Few Range Rovers

  1. Tapisco says:

    Wel around the world there is people driving fresh in their Rovers, Mercs, and other super cars…
    As blog members around the world we could send pics of cars around in our home countries.Waiting for suggestions…

  2. ozioko says:

    Lol…I am nigerian and I bet that these cars weren’t purchased either legitimately or with legit money. My people and their scams and their lust for money and the “finer things”

  3. Dav48 says:

    Ozioko, why would you come and just start speculating negatively about these guys. People like you help to reinforce the negative stereotype of ‘YOUR’ people. Such a shame.

  4. P. says:

    $5,000 says these guys are posing, they make nowhere near enough to afford these cars, trust me, I’ve been in the Nigerian music industry for years. The vast majority of our money is made via touring (like 98%). There are only a handful of Nigerian artists with the ability to gross over $200,000 a year via touring. SO my point is even if these cars were used they would still struggle to afford them.

  5. luggi says:

    @ ozioko, na God go punish you mumu, Scam or not scam money is money if they set traps and you set your ass on it is not they fault because you are so fucking greedy mumu, enemy of progress

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