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Bill Gates Takes Out His Porsche 959

If you live in Seattle or Bellevue there is a chance you can find Bill Gates if you know where to look and yes I’ve even seen him at PF Chang’s before having a nice dinner with his wife. So it’s not a terrible surprise that his Porsche 959 was spotted by Instagram-er thebrit86 in valet outside of a Bellevue restaurant.

Bill Gates Porsche 959

5 Responses to Bill Gates Takes Out His Porsche 959

  1. indo says:

    Car is super awesome! Bill Gates is lucky to have this car.

  2. WilliamHsu says:

    Wow I’ve seen him taking out his old Porsche Turbo years ago ,didn’t see in in Bellevue area though.
    Nice car and great taste he has.

  3. Jason says:

    This car sat in a crate in customs for over 13 years since it was seized by the US gov’t. Porsche wouldnt hand one over for crash testing inspections. Eventually, I law was passed that cars to be imported for “Show & Display” purposes. It would appear Bill is doing more that showing and displaying. But my guess is he can afford the ticket.

  4. RevYourMedia says:

    I know this car is a technological marvel and is a big corner stone in all things Porsche but honestly I think it doesn’t look as nice as a regular 911 from the same period. That’s just me I guess.

  5. Nick says:

    I agree I think it looks pretty odd but fits him.

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