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All Matte For Kanye’s Lamborghini Aventador

Remember that Lamborghini Aventador that Kim Kardashian bought for boyfriend Kanye West earlier this month. Well it looks like it’s no longer gloss black thanks to Platinum Motorport.  We don’t know whether it was wrapped or re-sprayed but we’re guessing it was wrapped. Either way it’s looking sick.  Platinum Motorsport completed a full repaint of the Aventador in 7 days. And yes, Kanye is rocking Air Yeezys.  (more pics after the jump)

Kanye Lamborghini Aventador

Kanye Matte Black Aventador

Kanye Aventador

Kanye Lamborghini by Platinum Motorsport

5 Responses to All Matte For Kanye’s Lamborghini Aventador

  1. neeb says:

    Still not as sick as the Stirling Moss SLR

  2. used cars in india says:

    Classy Car!

  3. hannah says:

    that car is a beauty

  4. Rvinyl says:

    Amazing! So it wasn’t wrapped then? I wasn’t even aware that you could achieve that look without wrapping–surely that’s not a powder coat, is it?

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