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‘The Game’ Updates His Porsche Panamera

‘The Game’ recently posted this photo of his Porsche Panamera on Facebook after it was vinyl wrapped in gold and the wheels were repainted in black. ‘The Game’s’ original Panamera was white with red wheels (find it here).

What’s your favorite version? White on red or gold on black?

The Game Porsche Panamera

The Game Porsche

Shout out to our ‘big tipper’ RUFek!

10 Responses to ‘The Game’ Updates His Porsche Panamera

  1. ghaith alsharari says:

    it looks sick

  2. Nash says:

    The white and red combination looked fresh, but his update is actually a downgrade – the gold and black looks gaudy.

  3. Tapisco says:

    Gold for sure…

  4. I like the update but like everything I would only like it for a couple of months… not for a lifetime!

  5. neeb says:

    The game reminds me of someone who has lost touch with reality.

  6. gangsta says:

    gold fo sho, thaz sick.

  7. eron says:

    yea thats gangster

  8. eron says:

    that looks so gangster

  9. eron says:

    thats the Best

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