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Tamara Ecclestone Steps Out Of Her Boyfriends Lamborghini

Tamara Ecclestone was spotted spending some quality time in her boyfriend’s new Lamborghini Aventador last weekend.

Tamara Ecclestone Lamborghini Aventador


18 Responses to Tamara Ecclestone Steps Out Of Her Boyfriends Lamborghini

  1. Blueberry says:

    Okay I’m pretty sure that’a a modified SL65.

  2. RUFke says:

    @Blueberry, are you dumb? I never heard of a SL65 with scissor doors. This is a black Enzo or a Koenigsegg CCX!

  3. T11 says:

    guys you can clearly see the lamborghini logo on the front tire

  4. Adam says:

    Sl65, Enzo ?? That’s an aventador’!!

  5. CJ says:

    All I see is her rack!

  6. Wack says:

    Thanks guys. I’m dumber now after reading this thread. I may go into a coma soon.

  7. DJL says:

    A good custom shop can put scissor doors on just about anything. But the rims are definitely Lambo.

  8. Pringles says:

    Definitely a modified SL65

  9. Petrol head says:

    You are all retarded. Its a metallic black LP700-4 Aventador Lamborghini

  10. Ronald says:


  11. jesse says:

    If you think that is an SL, you do not know any details of automobiles. The body shape and curves clearly give away the fact that it’s an Aventador

  12. search41 says:


  13. Rerard says:

    no guys… its a Chrysler 200 Touring

  14. Private Number Plates says:

    Great looking car – wonder if she’s bought him a private reg plate for it?

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